Intrduction of Buyuk Chamlija

Buyuk Chamlica:

Buyuk Chamlica is a recently developed Eco park and farm. Situated in the heart of Gauteng, it is the only place of its kind in the province. Buyuk Chamlica is a privately held facility open to the public to enjoy. Our mission is to offer a safe tranquil space where people can enjoy nature and experience all its benefits. The park is so aesthetically appealing that one cannot help but marvel at its beauty.

A place of beauty and wonder

The diverse wildlife offers a truly unique experience. The range of birds and ducks is staggering. From elegant swans and ducks to peafowls and pheasants. The farmhouses some special breeds of sheep and a few alpacas as well. The majestic Kangal shepherd dog is a magnificent beast of Turkish origin. Its regal appearance creates an air of strength and authority.

The park has hundreds of ornamental trees and plants that provide shade as well as pops of color. From pine trees and poplars to Chinese maples, conifers, and fynbos.

The park also boasts several fruit trees, such as; cherry, pomegranate, olive, pecan, blackberry, blueberry, mulberry, and fig. Our herb garden is grown for medicinal as well as culinary purposes/

Quality family time

Buyuk Chamlica was developed with family in mind. Our aim is to facilitate good, quality family time. This helps to build lifelong bonds and strengthen relationships. Regular healthy family time is essential to building a happy fulfilling life.

Maintaining a clean environment

We take great pride in ensuring that our guests feel safe and comfortable. For your safety and convenience, our premises are cleaned and sanitized regularly. To maintain the aesthetics of the park, we urge all our guests to please refrain from littering and use the bins provided. Our dedicated team goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that the gardens are immaculate and well-maintained.

Well-balanced ecosystem

Due to the diversity at the park, it is essential to maintain a well-balanced ecosystem. This is crucial to ensure that all the living beings in the park thrive. Every animal and plant supports the ecosystem in a unique and important way. The balance is diligently monitored and adapted by our team to make sure all the creatures are comfortable and the plants are healthy.

Additional attractions and facilities

The Barn is one of the key buildings at Buyuk Chamlica. It is a large venue that can be hired for corporate and social events and gatherings.

Country Bazaar is a fresh produce market that stocks a range of healthy and Halaal meats and Turkish products.

Our Buy and Bite outdoor grill offer delicious burgers and sandwiches for you to try. And our Buy and Braai concept allows you to order your meat directly from us and braai it on the premises.

Karinja is our iconic dome-shaped coffee shop and restaurant. You can sample our traditional Turkish tea and coffee while snacking on a Rumi pizza from the clay oven.

Final thoughts

Buyuk Chamlica is truly a one-of-a-kind place. Its design and layout were meticulously thought out to ensure that the premises are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We go to great lengths to accommodate our guests and make sure they have a memorable experience. A visit to Buyuk Chamlica is definitely worth the trip.